The whole world in the classroom!

17th intake for the Cnam Masters in Management

Rentrée du master

October 4, 2021

The Masters in Management were created in 2004 and along with the Executive MBA, the objective was to strengthen the Cnam international dimension. These Master programs currently offer 3 majors, and there will soon be a fourth one. MiMs, as they are called, train managers and enable them to access executive positions within international companies. Focus on this very exceptional program as the 80 students return to class this Friday, October 1st.

They come from Mexico, India, China, the United States, the Philippines and of course France… In total, over 30 nationalities representing countries from 5 continents. They are joining Master 1 while others are entering the last year of the Master.

"They" are these international students, young women and men, aged 25 on average, who will be the managers of tomorrow which companies will fight to hire in order to swell their ranks with skilled profiles, trained for the economy of the future. We are proud that these students have chosen France and in particular CNAM as a crossroads of ideas and innovations.

Among these students, a happy few have been awarded prestigious scholarships for the completion of their studies at the Cnam Paris: 2 received the Eiffel Scholarship of Excellence, 3 the Total Energies Scholarship in Mozambique and 1 the “Bourse du Gouvernement Français” in Nigeria. This in itself represents a renewed vote of confidence from French international organisations towards the Cnam which has over the years, built a solid reputation well beyond its national borders.

Another novelty this year is the addition of apprentices within the MiMs cohorts. They will study and work all along the program while their full-time fellow students will complete a 3 to 6 months’ professional internship at the end of their Master 2.

The Master in Management in detail ...

The Masters in Management programs, exclusively taught in English, tackle managerial issues from an international perspective. 3 majors are now available in master 2, master 1 being common program to all majors. A fourth will be open at the start of the 2022 school year.

The learning mode greatly promotes relationships between work groups. The idea is that cultural differences are not a barrier to communication, but rather a solution to understanding the world, and the business world in particular. This intrnational environment is indeed inspiring and stimulating, it provides students with an insight on multicultural management and enables students to develop an international network.

… And for whom?

  • Anyone interested in a career in management, with a 3 years’ higher education degree and an excellent level of English.
  • Candidates with a strong international interest.
  • The MiM population is generally fairly junior and can acquire a student status.

Rentrée du master